A downloadable Mini Game for Windows

    As you were guarding the incarnation of Xolotl, which is an actual Axolotl, a blinding lighting strikes him ! The creature suddenly gets bigger and bigger, reaching a titanic size. You’ll have to avoid his attacks and climb his body to reach his head and give him the final blow…

      A Xolotl’s Wrath is a very short experience characterized by simple actions but a fast rhythm. The player have the ability to move laterally, but also to dash up or laterally. While the god tries to crush him, he’ll have to dash with the right timing to get out of danger and reach his head.

       Grab your spear and prepare to face the wrath of an ancient god in this epic mini game when a single mistake can lead you to your doom !

Published 7 days ago
Release date 7 days ago
TagsBoss battle, minigames, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Just download the game and play ! 

All you need is a mouse with a working left button !


A Xolotl's Wrath.zip 32 MB


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Great game, love the idea of a unique fight with a giant boss! The artwork is amazing! The gameplay is simple and hard at the same time and even tries with the same generation feel fresh and exciting. It was kind of nostalgic to play this game, remineded me of other great titles I played when I was a boy. Hope it will get the attention it deserves.

Good luck in development!

Wow, thank you very much for playing and reviewing !
I'm glad to learn that you enjoyed it :D 

Really enjoyed it, loved the style and quality of the artwork, its a great idea and I could have played much more of it. I did a video of it, hope you don't mind!

Hey ! Thank you so much for playing ! Of course I don't mind you making a video of it, it's so cool ! I'm glad that you anjoyed it, thanks a lot for the review :D